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The Times Cover 1

The New York Times is a real idol when it comes to creative cover designs. They got their own style magazine and it’s covers are always designed by a new contemporary designer. Found 1851 by Henry J. Ramond and George Jones they wanted to give an alternative clear information paper to read while there were lot’s of riot papers going on this time.

Over 150 years ago they also developped the nameplate and the font. To clarify the big questioning about the logo - The nameplate is similar to the english towne font, but there are still more letters divers to the original. In the facts about NYT is standing this passage: “The New York Times logo [known as the Nameplate], which appears at the top of the page, is hand-drawn, copyrighted and cannot be reproduced without permission.”

So If you need more informations go to typophile and read the full article.

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